Competitive Analysis

This is a critical part of any business strategic framework. We work with our clients in identifying any direct and indirect competitors that they face. Our analysis helps our clients avoid any competitive blind-spots. 

A competitive analysis offers businesses the opportunity to assess existing competition, with an eye to offering a product or service that stands out in a crowded field. We help our clients get an in-depth view of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may exist within their industry. This  information gives them a critical competitive advantage they need to stay ahead of the competition. 

Collecting information on competitors is very critical, but what is even more important is making sense of the information. Our analysts bring their unique perspectives from their years of industry experience. We work closely with our clients to make sense of all the information gathered.

Market Opportunity Assessments

We perform in depth analysis of market opportunities by sizing the market, gathering competitive intelligence  and consumer insights, and providing go to market strategies. In addition, we have a strategy implementation team whose sole focus is assisting in the implementation of adopted strategy recommendations.

Technology Industry Strategy Advising

Tech advising is one of our key business segments. We advise our tech clients on solutions to adapt to ensure that they are targeting real customer needs. 

Working closely with our clients, we help to validate product ideas by identifying and interviewing customers to solicit unbiased opinions on products and features, with a mind on attaining the right market fit. This process helps our clients determine what their customers are responding to, which ultimately leads to improving product design or features. 

We work with our clients to design and run minimum viable product (MVP) experiments, and to analyze the results for strategic implementation.

Customer Interviews

One way businesses ensure that they are always targeting customer needs is by getting feedback from their customers on their products or services.  This feedback can be at any stage of the product or business - from a product pre-launch, to a post product or service launch. One of the most effective ways they get this feedback is by talking directly with their customers by performing customer interviews. We assist our clients in performing these interviews with their customers to get their unbiased opinions on our clients' products or services.

 Customer feedback is critical in ensuring that the product/service quality remains stellar. It also gives insights on how to improve marketing message, or create new products to address customer needs.

Our customer interviews are tailored to fit our client needs. The interview types range from surveys, to focus groups, and in-depth individual interviews.

Tailored Services


We have the ability to quickly scale our resources as needed to address customer needs. Our small size means that we are quickly responsive, mobile, and ready to meet our customer needs anywhere in the world. We work closely with our clients to provide tailored solutions to their unique strategy needs.

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